New Terra - Were Society

  • Clan: Species name (example: Lupine, Feline)
  • Tribe: Breed name (example: Wolf, lion.)
  • Family: Ruled by an alpha male, alpha female or alpha pair. Most families are made up of members from the same tribe. Sometimes families form that have a cross-section of tribes and are ruled by the strongest alpha, no matter the clan.
  • "Alpha" refers to the leader of a family.
  • "Beta" refers to the second-in-command. Most families have multiple Betas who also double as enforcers.
  • "Gamma" refers to those pack members who don't have the power level of a Beta or an Alpha, but who possess enough power to have a noticeable ability. They are often used as messengers and enforcers.
  • "Omega" refers to the lowest ranked member. They are often scorned by other pack members.
  • An "enforcer" is a Were member who is used as hired muscle and security. Betas are usually assigned this role as well.
  • Each Were Council has differing titles for their ranking systems. Alpha mates, regardless of power level, are accorded the same amount of respect as their Alpha husband/wife.
  • The Were Council is the ruling body for Weres and each territory has one. The Council is made up of 12 to 20 members. Currently all territories have 12 council members.
  • Weres have three forms: human, Werehum, animal. The Werehum form is a combination of the human and animal. In the Werehum form, Weres walk upright on two legs.
  • An "outcast" is a Were who has been barred from a clan or family. There are very few crimes which warrant this punishment. Any that catch Outcasts out in the open can kill them.
  • A "sanctuary" is a specific area where Outcast Weres can live without threat of death or reprisals.
  • Weres are not considered adults until their 21st birthdays. Until that time, they are subject to their parent(s)/guardian(s)' decisions and rules, including marriage and type of industry the child will work in.

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