Stefan’s Journals

Stefan’s Journals

Stefan McJeysen is the fraternal twin brother of Henry Le Croix. When they were in their twenties, the two brothers became enemies due to the obsessive love Zina McFin had for Henry. Stefan fell in love with the female Alpha and even changed his last name to McJeysen to show his loyalty.

Zina, however, used him to try to destroy Henry’s wife and child. After that incident, he was banished from the New Florida Territory along with all the other rebels who had assisted Zina. He has recently moved back to town and keeps a low profile.

Now, years later, Stefan is trying to atone for the mistakes he made while serving under Zina’s command. He loves his niece Laylah Le Croix, and does his best to protect her from the shadows.

Stefan made his first appearance in “Dusk Conspiracy.” He is a very complicated character and full of many secrets.


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