Donil’s Journals

Donil’s Journals

Donil Silentshadow is Alpha of the Silentshadow Family. He is one of the youngest Alphas in the New Florida Territory and has not been Alpha of his Family for long.

He lives with his mother and three younger siblings in Pheasant Grove. Donil is friends with Newsomes, a human family, that have been close friends and allies with his parents.

Donil’s father, Gustav died while helping the New Florida Were Council quell Zina’s 2207 Uprising. His mother, Kattcha, ruled the Silentshadow family until Donil reached 21 and was able to take over.

Donil has a close relationship with his grandparents Hans and Ruby Silentshadow and often visits them in Brockshill.

According to Britta’s mother, Mahriah, Donil is a ladies’ man. This suited the Alpha fine until he recognized his future mate was to be Laylah Le Croix.

Because of his tangled past with the Le Croix family, Donil is determined to take things and bringing Laylah carefully to his side where he can keep her safe and protected.

In Laylah, he sees hidden strength and passion, two traits which tantalize Donil with hints of the type of woman Laylah can be once she is free of her father’s rule.

Donil made his first appearance in “Dusk Conspiracy.” He is a Were who is intrigued and drawn to Laylah Le Croix.


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